The proposed tax is computed from the estimation of the evolution of congestion at local level, and the expected response of users to the tax (elasticity). Results on cities' road networks


Passenger data through congestion tax and infrastructure fees linked to passengers through established payment stations in Gothenburg, Stockholm, in order to best achieve results that give Sweden even more sustainable campuses.

6. Policy/legislation. 7. Case Study: Stockholm´s congestion charge Results. ARS have been widely implemented in Europe with a high variety of  As a result charges are lower than with the Area Licensing Scheme for much of A full-scale congestion charging trial took place in Stockholm for 7 months in  25 Jun 2009 With a skeptical public at the outset, voters in Stockholm, by a slim congestion pricing” is so important to understanding the results, we first  1 Jan 2016 With increased population follows increased demand for travel and transport, which may result in increased congestion and reduced accessibility.

Stockholm congestion tax results

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Today, Stockholm is tax hours, shows that concentrations in the inner city of Stockholm were lower during periods with tax compared to periods without tax. The analysis encompasses nitrogen oxides (NO x), particulate matter (PM10) and carbon monoxide (CO) during 2005-2008, i.e. two years with congestion tax (including the Stockholm Trial) and two years without tax. For NO x, concentrations were almost 10% lower, while CO concentrations were around 15% lower during The Swedish congestion taxes where first implemented almost 12 years ago. Time-of-day dependent cordon-based congestion charging systems were introduced in Stockholm in January 2006 and in Gothenburg in 2013.

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av A Almroth–SWECO — Sammanfattningen är omarbetad sedan WS1 och inkluderar de resultat som tillkommit under testerna a wide range of purposes: e.g. the study of congestion charges, transport EMME within Stockholm County (se Figure 1 for an example). av J Franklin · 2016 · Citerat av 2 — documents the results of a research project intended to help fill these gaps.

Stockholm congestion tax results

The result is a regional development work that in general is well coordinated. The decision on the congestion tax was taken with limited, if any, The corresponding tax in Stockholm is between 11-35 SEK and in Oslo 33.

Policy/legislation. 7. Case Study: Stockholm´s congestion charge Results.

The congestion tax was implemented on a congestion tax based on the results of a referendum. From the moment of the trial and onward, public acceptance of congestion charging has continued to grow. Today, congestion charging is not only a centerpiece of Stockholm traffic management; it is also a major source of revenue for transit and road investments throughout the greater Stockholm The Stockholm Congestion Tax Trial is a project where an automatic system was implemented to tax road vehicles in order to reduce congestion. It lasted from January until July 2006 and vehicles going in or out of the inner city were taxed. The trial was limited to a half year and The Stockholm congestion tax (Swedish: Trängselskatt i Stockholm), also referred to as the Stockholm congestion charge, is a congestion pricing system implemented as a tax levied on most vehicles entering and exiting central Stockholm, Sweden.

The amount varies, depending on the time when the vehicle passes the toll station. See hours and amounts for congestion taxes in Stockholm.

For NO x, concentrations were almost 10% lower, while CO … For Stockholm, our results indicate that the exemption from the congestion tax has had a larger impact on the sales of alternative fuel cars than the rebate, which is in line with the findings by BEST (2009). In August 2007, Stockholm introduced a congestion charge for cars crossing the city’s inner boundary, aimed at reducing traffic flows into central city areas.2 The decision followed a seven-month trial and a public referendum. At that time, no other city had implemented a congestion tax based on the results of a referendum.
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The full-scale trial was carried out to test whether congestion charges improve response to the severe congestion on the main access roads into Stockholm during The results were positive, indicating an 18 percent reduction of traf

The tax is not charged on  private vehicles registered in Stockholm County during 2008. The results of these studies have shown that the congestion tax exemption appears to have. Daunfeldt, S-O., Rudholm, N., & Rämme, U. (2009). Congestion charges and retail revenues: Results from the Stockholm road pricing trial.


Congestion Charge in Stockholm The Stockholm congestion charge, also referred to as the congestion tax in Stockholm (Trängselskatt i Stockholm), was implemented on a permanent basis on 1 August 2007, following a trial of a 7 month period from 3 January to 31 July 2006. It’s a congestion tax levied on certain Swedish-registered vehicles for Analyse of behavioural changes due to the Stockholm congestion charge trial During the 2006 congestion trial in Stockholm, the numbers of cars travelling through the congestion charge zone decreased by about 20 % according to the travel survey and the traffic counts.

Stockholm: Congestion Charge Secretariat, City of Stockholm. The results can be useful to design well targeted congestion charge schemes and to assess their efficacy.